Tom Kersey 


Tom is a passionate and expressive cellist whose interests both encompass and exceed the standard classical repertoire. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, he is a composer and performer of art music which incorporates elements of classical, rock, jazz, avant-garde, improvisation, and folk music from around the world. Tom frequently performs as a soloist and with his various bands, which also include KELP, a quartet of cello, guitar, trumpet, and drums which focus on original compositions, free improvisations and jazz standards; Chaotic Formula Orchestra (CFO), an experimental group of musicians and artists specializing in improvisation; and the Mandelbrot Quartet.


He is on the short list of guest musicians with the nationally renowned Bogus Pomp and PoOg, and his compositions have been performed by the Florida Orchestra, as well as the Wee Ones Playschool and Daycare Brass Ensemble.

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