Misti Bernard


Misti Bernard is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, based out of Gulfport, Florida. She has been performing world, jazz, blues and Celtic music across the US and Europe since 1993. Misti studied vocal technique at Trinity College of Music in London, Indian classical voice at the Ali Akbar College of music in San Rafael, California, and Jazz at the Berkeley Jazz College in California. She sings in six languages ranging from Spanish to Urdu, with regular forays into scat and improvisational melody and lyric lines. Misti has recently fallen in love with the mandora, a replica of a 14th century instrument from Spain. She also plays, guitar, silver and bamboo flutes, pennywhistle, Irish flute, hammered dulcimer and bodhran.


Misti is the musical director and lead vocalist of Blue Muse, which combines 13th Century Spanish and Portuguese songs with jazz, Middle Eastern and world music. She also performs regularly with medieval vielle player Michael Gartner;

hammered dulcimer player Victoria Van Arnam; flute-player Billy Miller and uillean piper Charlie Rafferty as Irish ensemble Hooligan; Billy Miller and Bret Blackshear as swing and blues ensemble Speakeasy, as well as performing solo on the guitar and hammered dulcimer.


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