B i o g r a p h y


Blue Muse performs 13th century Spanish and Portuguese music as well as more contemporary Spanish-flavored jazz. These haunting works are made relevant to our time by their interpretation in the context of improvisation and musical exploration. Individually drawing on a variety of sources, from classical and jazz to tribal and celtic, Blue Muse weaves the best of these into a tapestry of vibration, a banner of sound. With Misti Bernard on voice, mandora, flute and guitar; Victoria Van Arnam on hammered Dulcimer; Robyn Buttery on violin; and Tom Kersey on cello, Blue Muse  creates a seamless blend of times and traditions, of heart and art.


Misti Bernard
Vocals, Mandora, Flute, Guitar 
Victoria Van Arnam, 
Hammered Dulcimer
Robyn Buttery
Tom Kersey


With guest artists Gerald Trimble, Billy Miller, Rachel Bowerman, Robert Craig, Tom Kersey, Alex Korolov, Erik Teixeira and Sam Tynker




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