Thank you for your interest in our music!  Moon Pale & Midnight and In the Garden of All Possibility are available as .FLAC file downloads. This is a CD quality file format and it means that you will get to hear it exactly as we intended it, with the full richness of lossless audio. It can easily be converted by your music player to an .mp3 if you prefer, but we really recommend .FLAC. The sound quality is incomparible and you will notice a huge difference. Enjoy!

In The Garden is a dreamy world music album, most often compared to the sound of Dead Can Dance and that genre of ethereal, floating female vocals. It is an album that will get you high, as we like to say. Moon Pale and Midnight is a slightly more traditional album, focusing on world music and spanning the continent and the ages, from 13th c Spanish music to Renaissance Italian to 18th c Irish music. 

Take two, they're small! 

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