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These are unreleased audio and video clips of Blue Muse in varying incarnations.. cool! To purchase CDs or tracks, click HERE.

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Misti Bernard, Billy Miller and Dr. Sick playing

Una Matika de Ruda

Strela - Blue Muse
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Looei - Blue Muse
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Da Pacem Domine - Blue Muse
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Misti Bernard, Gerald Trimble, Rachel Bowerman and Robert Craig at the Green Guitar in Kansas City, MO

Misti Bernard playing Santa Maria Loei, Cantiga 200, on the hammered dulcimer

Sta Maria Loei, with Michael Huebner and Billy Miller

Una Matika, with Billy Miller, Sam Tynker and Serendipity Tynker

Misti Bernard and Billy Miller, as Speakeasy

Misti Bernard and Billy Miller, as Speakeasy

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