Patreon: Wave of the Future

Hi Friends, would you like to help me keep making excellent music, putting on concerts and creating exceptional CDs? Would you also like to be the first to hear new recordings, see exclusive videos, and host a private live concert for your friends? Check out my Patreon page to do just that!

Patreon is a tool that allows you to support the artists you love in a very direct fashion. It is essentially a monthly subscription in which you choose which tier you would like to join, and make a pledge to support that much per month. In return, you get the perks offered at that tier, plus my gratitude for being someone who appreciates what I do enough to want to help me continue doing it. 


The Backstory:

Many of you know that I was getting ready to head to Spain for the month of April, to walk the Camino de Santiago. This was the culmination of many years of planning and striving, and I finally had the opportunity to step onto the Way, instruments in hand, to play music and learn tunes, and in general, dive deeply into the ocean of inspiration. My intention was to return at the end of April, immediately go into the studio, and have a new full length album ready by the end of 2020. To support this, I created a Patreon creator’s page and did a gentle launch.. And then the world turned upside down.

I’m sure you can guess that all of my flights were canceled, heck, all of my gigs were canceled, shows were closing left and right and suddenly I went from having a full schedule through the end of the year to having a huge question mark. Now what to do?

I have just come back to the idea of Patreon, in part because, even though I hadn’t really put it out there at all, someone decided that they like what I do and want to support me doing it. Yes, that’s right, I got my first Patron! For those of you who aren’t sure what Patreon is, it’s a way for audience members, fans, and friends to support artists and musicians on a monthly basis. You pledge a dollar amount of your choosing, and in return, you get everything from cds, mp3s and art, to t-shirts, album credits, and private concerts in your home, depending on which tier you select. It’s a really fabulous way to support the artists that inspire you, in a way that helps them continue to make the art that you love.

So with that in mind, I am going to invite you to join me on Patreon. I have just added a couple of live videos and am going to add more in the next couple of days, as well as blog posts, photos, etc. My goal is to create some exciting content, as well as raise funds for future recording, get thoughts down in writing and find out what you, my friends and listeners, would most like to hear in the months to come. If what I do here calls to you, then I invite you to step on this path with me as co-creator of the eminent groove.

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