B L U E  M U S E

Sign O' The Times 

It's not easy to talk about, this crazy world in which we suddenly find ourselves. Up is down, in is out, day is night.. everything shaken to the quick. I can't quite decide if I'm tuned into some divine harmonic or if I'm one of the musicians on the Titanic, playing as the world drowns. Perhaps a little of both. But I do believe it is my duty in this calling to light the way if I can, to lighten the heart if i can, to create beauty in the chaos, and from it.


For those of you who visit me at festivals, all of my shows are canceled until September, at the earliest. I am holding hope, but not my breath, that fall festivals will be safe to open this year. In the meantime, I am making music in this new, crazy digital world, as best I can. I am playing as much as possible, livestreaming concerts on facebook, and in general focusing my energies on lighting a candle in the darkness. 

I invite you to join me. Please make your way over to Misti Bernard Musician and also Digital Ren Faire on Facebook for a glimpse of what is keeping me busy in the midst of the Great Slowing Down. If you'd like to support what I do in a more direct way, please visit my Patreon page and become a Patron. Stay healthy, stay positive, and stay home!


E V E N T S​



Blue Muse performs selections from 13th century Spanish libraries and latin codices, with jazz influenced world themes, improvisational vocals, Sufi melodies and contemporary homages to ancient ideas.


"Rarified music made deliciously accessible

and richly relevant."

-Ciara Carinci 


 City of Imagination


"What a terrific thing it is to bring such memorable music to a new century."

-Vince di Mura 

Musical Director/Composer

Lewis Center of the Arts

Princeton University

"Hauntingly ethereal and intimate vocals.."

- Richard Webber 

Artistic Director




Misti Bernard 

7pm LiveStreaming Wednesdays ww.facebook.com/mistibernardmusic

Playing Music From Around the World!

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